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Bianco Romano Granite

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Bianco Romano Granite

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Bianco Romano Granite

Name: Bianco Romano Granite

Also Known As: Tropical White, White Romano,  Novo Branco Romano,  Blanco Romano, Bianca Romano, and Pashmina.

Stone Type: Granite

Thickness : 1 3/4 "

Finish : Polished

Colors: White, grey, cream and tan

Pattern: pearl effect

Price: Unlisted

Origins : Brazil

Suggested Use: Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Kitchen Countertops,  Exterior Pavers, Wet Areas

Designer Comments: Bianco Romano Granite famous with a pearl effect on their surface, smooth, clean and beautiful, If you want to make your home interior look beautiful, Bianco Romano granite will be a good option for you. Bianco Romano Granite offers smooth colors and calming shades that work well with light or dark countertops. Bianco Romano Granite also provide an aesthetically pleasant and elegant look to any home interior include Interior Walls, Interior Floors, Kitchen Countertops,  Exterior Pavers and Wet Areas

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